Middle School Sports

At Boulder Creek we offer a comprehensive middle school sports program. We compete in the largest middle school sports league in Shasta County, the North Valley Athletic Conference. There are 8 member schools that comprise the league, divided into two conferences:

Eastern Conference

Sequoia Middle School, Mountain View Middle School, UPrep, and Parsons

Western Conference

Shasta Lake School, Redding Christian, Grant and Boulder Creek.

Middle School Sports

Cross Country (one team 6th-8th grade)

Volleyball A (8th and 7th grade)

Volleyball B (6th and 7th grade)

Co-ed Soccer (one team 6th-8th grade)

Flag Football (one team 6th-8th grade)

Girls Basketball (one team per grade level)

Boys Basketball (one team per grade level)

Girls Soccer (one team 6th-8th grade)

Baseball (one team 6th-8th grade)

Softball (one team 6th-8th grade)

Track (one team 6th-8th grade)

District Athleitc Handbook